Lotas Big Fills - Spencer Strand

Spencer Strand has made a number of great play - along CD's minus drums. They are called "Turn It Up And Lay It Down." The CD's cover a variety of Rock and Jazz styles. I recommend them, especially to teachers. I wrote a chart for my students to use with this track, "Lotsa Big Fills." Have fun!
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6 Stroke fills around the toms

These studies work your left hand and create patterns hard to duplicate with single strokes.
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Max Roach's solo on Sandu

This is a great solo on the 12 bar blues structure. Max Roach plays a steady bass drum and hi hat pattern when possible through the two 12 bar choruses. I put in what I think might have been his sticking.
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Steve Gadd Transcription "Airegin"

Steve's fast samba brushwork sets off Hubert Law's piccolo in Sonny Rollin's "Airegin." I would play the triplets Right-Right-Left. The complete version is available on I Tunes.
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Paradiddle-diddle around the toms

The paradiddle-diddle is a single paradiddle with two more strokes: RLRRLL. It doesn't switch from hand to hand, which makes it useful to play rapidly. Here are some triplet applications on the snare and toms.
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Warm up #1

A new twist on an old exercise
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Drummers Only

In this section I will be posting some of my favorite drum and percussion ideas. Among them:

Drum exercises: Everyone has their favorites. I will add mine.

Transcriptions: I did drum transcriptions for Sher Publishing's "The New Real Book" vols 1 and 2, as well as Stanford Jazz "The Real Easy Book." I enjoy transcribing drums and will include some of my and my students' favorites.

Interviews: I love to hear what other drummers and percussionists say about their craft. I will be getting ideas from some of my friends.